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24 track digital recording effects hardware
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Recording Studio

At AGS Music we have a dedicated, acoustically treated, recording studio furnished with the latest equipment and software which is capable of recording up to 24 digital tracks simultaneously, with an unlimited amount available for overdubs or midi.

The use of handpicked specialised microphones ensures an accurate reproduction of your vocals and instruments. Your recordings can then be enhanced with the use of the dozens of effects and processors available. The sound engineering is done by a musician who has over thirty years of experience in live performance ,mixing and recording.

Whether you require a demo disc or a fully produced CD contact AGS Music to discuss your requirements & our reasonable rates.

Details of What We Use

Steinberg cubase Cubase allows us to record all the tracks simultaneously. The software can have unlimited tracks all with their own effects/mix etc.
Steinberg wavelab Wavelab allows us to master the audio to cd or dvd-audio. It also allows for sound restoration.

Microphones by
Our microphones are carefully selected to give best results for any particular application. We also have DirectIn for instruments in addition near-micing the amps output.
rodeThe Rhode is a very good mic for bass drum.
sennheiser The Sennheisers are great overhead mics.
shureSure is the preferred mic by many singers.
AKG Audio Technica
Hardware by:

MOTU 24 I/O - 96kHz 24-bit, 24 digital inputs or outputs, linked to a dedicated PCI-E card.
MINDPRINT - made in Germany, analogue tube compressor with two channels.
AVANTONE - made in USA. mixcube mixing speaker.
SAMPSON - monitor speakers, subwoofer and patchbays.
YAMAHA - made in Japan. analog mixing desk.


Shop 2, 52 Cottage Lane, Hackham, S.A. 5163



Phone: 08 8326 2661
Mobile (David): 0411 577 675